NetRisk User Guide


New Features

  • Support for both .xer or NetPoint files (.np4/.npz).
    Click the app icon in the upper left and choose “New Project from File”. More Info
  • Built-in PI Matrix.
    Click the “Rating” button in the “Risk Properties” pane. More Info
  • Export Risk Registers to Excel.
    Click the “Export” icon above the table and paste into a pre-formatted file. More Info
  • Risk probability correlation.
    Correlate the occurrence of a risk on a given activity to the occurrence of the same risk on any other activity, as long as they have the same probability. More Info
  • Unlimited mitigation scenarios.
    Create as many scenarios as desired for modeling what-if’s or different mitigation strategies. More Info
  • Duration ranging.
    Click the “Ranging” tab. More Info
  • 7 distribution types (constant, betapert, log-normal, normal, triangular, trigen, uniform).
    Click in the “Distribution Type” column in the “Ranging” and “Risk” tabs to set the shape. Required columns will be flagged. More Info
  • Activity-existence risk.
    Decide what percentage of iterations an activity will occur. Turn on the “Existence Probability” column in the “Ranging” tab. More Info
  • Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube simulation
  • Risk Register Project Option
    Create a project for building a risk register, without importing a schedule. More Info
  • Single-click Results Comparison
    Compare charts between with a single click of the mouse. More Info
  • Risk Priority, aka Automated Risk Removal
    An option for running the simulation multiple times, each time removing the risk with the highest risk sensitivity, until no risks are left. More Info
  • Non-work Modeling
    Create calendars for weather, events, or windows and view their sensitivity on the project completion. More Info

Known Issues

The following issues will be patched by January 2020.

AreaIssueSuggested Workaround
SavingFailure when saving to directory with symbols in folder nameRemove all symbols (-. #. $. @, etc.) from the targeted folder name OR leave them but put the folder on the desktop
File sizeAfter deleting simulation, file size not reduced (NR-971)To reduce the size, send file to
Risk registerRisk assignments not showing up if you change risk rows with text in filter (NR-691)Delete text from filter box before choosing new risk row
ResultsP value columns not updating after toggling WBS sorting (NR-913)Change tabs and come back
SortingSort setting not saved (NR-690)Go to the tab, remove the sort, close NetRisk
LoadingApp says "Not Responding" if clicked during loading of results (NR-650)While loading, don't click. If clicked, wait until done.
SavingApp says "Not Responding" if clicked after saving a file or simulation (NR-494)While saving, don't click. If clicked, wait until done.
ConstraintsConstraints are ignored for drift and float calculations (NR-975)Remove any constraints before running simulation
SimulationNetRisk freezes when running simulation due to loop for NetPoint models (NR-1040)Adjust project start date to be earlier in NetPoint and update risk model
Risk PriorityResults tab doesn't load data if risk priority simulation minimized (NR-943)Expand the simulation group before clicking the results tab
App WindowNetRisk window disappears when first opening or after running a simulation (NR-527)Find the icon in the taskbar to bring it back to the front
Tab Key

Using the TAB key on the keyboard does not advance to the next cell (NR-11)

Use the mouse to change cells
Fill DownFilling down an unchecked column not working for risk assignments reportUncheck the boxes manually