NetRisk User Guide


New Features

  • Enter Cost on Activities or Hammocks
    Choose between time-dependent or time-independent and among 7 distribution types. More Info
  • Copy/Paste from Excel
    Right-click on any cell and choose Paste Data. More Info
  • Cost Results Charts
    Distribution charts added for Cost and Cash Flow and scatter plots added for Completion & Cost and Duration & Cost. Risk Sensitivity now shows cost correlation. Risk Priority now shows potential cost savings. More Info
  • Risk Cost Impacts
    Capture both qualitative and quantitative cost impacts for risk register items. More Info


Due to improvements made to the probability/impact matrix calculations, the risk Rating (both the number and the color) from files saved in earlier versions may go up or down when opened in v3.0 or later. This is expected

Due to the fixing of NR-1320, simulation results may differ from earlier versions when re-ran v3.0 or later. This is expected.

  • Fix for crash after moving a column and pressing CTRL+Z (NR-1176)
  • Fix for crash when assigning risk to activity not in view/after filtering (NR-1308)
  • Fix for crash when unchecking last/only risk in risk register (NR-1141)
  • Fix for crash adding column to empty table on Results tab (NR-1086)
  • Fix for crash when running simulation with certain scenario (NR-1234)
  • Fix for crash when running simulation with 0 or no iterations (NR-1233)
  • Fix for crash when clicking Results tab when selected on parent row of risk priority simulation (NR-943)
  • Fix for crash when creating new non-work calendar in project without schedule file (NR-1178)
  • Fix for crash when pressing delete without a selected simulation (NR-1271)
  • Fix for crash when running simulation for non-work event with duration or days lost larger than date range (NR-1244)
  • Fix for crash after saving / crash after recovering file (NR-1217)
  • Fix for NetRisk window disappearing after opening file or running simulation (NR-527)
  • Fix for risk-activity impact being sampled independently despite checkbox for being correlated (NR-1320)
  • Fix for p dates and percentiles showing up different between table and chart (NR-1329, 1284)
  • Fix for invalid assignment after updating a project where an activity was changed to a milestone (NR-1327)
  • Fix for activity appearing assigned incorrectly after clicking "New Risk" button (NR-1226)
  • Fix for incorrect sampling of negative percent risk impact on an in-progress activity (NR-1267)
  • Fix for activity start and duration distribution charts not showing up correctly with a non-work event with probability less than 100%
  • Fix for fill-down on Schedule column not working in Risk tab (NR-1258, NR-666, NR-721)
  • Fix for non-work day window being sampled 1 day longer than expected (NR-1266)
  • Fix for row flicker/delay when entering distribution in risk register (NR-1247)
  • Fix for incorrect duration results for in-progress activity (NR-1139)
  • Fix for list of activities duplicating after cancelling Open Project (NR-1177)
  • Fix for risk impact not de-linking after modifying probability at the activity level (NR-1170)
  • Fix for existence correlation not applying in some cases (NR-1182)
  • Fix for some cases where an activity could still finish or start during a non-work window (NR-1198)
  • Fix for sampling issue when modeling float-use with in-progress activity when using % variance duration range (NR-1149)
  • Fix for typing in risk register filter incorrectly starting to edit a risk (NR-1339)
  • Improvement to sampling of activities over 200 days long with percent-based duration range

Known Issues



Suggested Workaround

Simulation/resultsSimulation doesn't start or completion distribution shows only 1 bar when path starts with a Level of Effort (NR-1512)Remove the LOE and re-run the simulation
Chart markersThe chart marker can end up outside the chart and can no longer be moved by the user.Delete the marker and re-add it and it's position will reset inside the chart.
Open End on Data DateActivity starting on data date with no predecessor incorrectly pulled early during simulation (NR-1348)Ensure that any activity starting on the data date has a) a predecessor prior to the data date or b) a start on or after constraint
Calendar ExceptionsRemaining duration displayed incorrectly for activity on calendar with non-work day marked as exception (NR-1347)This is just a display issue. During simulation, the correct remaining duration is used.
Simulation"Simulation Cannot Complete" message pops during simulation.  Typically, an FF or SF logic is creating a calculation loop. Review and change logic if necessary for the ID from the error message, or if coinciding with the project start, move the project start earlier.
LOE ResultsResults chart from v2 shows up blank (completion date, start date, drift, float, total float)Rerun the simulation in version or later
LoadingApp says "Not Responding" if clicked during loading of results (NR-650)Avoid any clicking while loading results (spinning cursor). If a message opens, always choose "Wait for Program to Respond" rather than "Restart Program" or "Close Program". Do not end task in task manager.
SavingApp says "Not Responding" if clicked after saving a file or simulation (NR-494)Avoid any clicking while saving (spinning cursors). If a message opens, always choose "Wait for Program to Respond" rather than "Restart Program" or "Close Program". Do not end task in task manager.
ConstraintsConstraints are ignored for drift and float calculations (NR-975)Remove any constraints before running simulation
Tab Key

Using the TAB key on the keyboard does not work out of a cell with an open dropdown (NR-11)

Use the mouse to change cells
Non-work WindowActivities may still take place on the boundary of two back-to-back windows of type "Yearly" (NR-1218)Use a single window to span the whole time period. If the window spans Jan 1st, use a window of type "Once" and duplicate the window for other years.
RecoveryNetRisk crashes trying to recover a file after a crashThis has been fixed, but if it occurs, launch the windows Registry Editor, navigate to/paste the path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PMA Technologies\NetRisk\recoverySnapShots, delete all rows on the right, and relaunch NetRisk.