Crash Reporting

Privacy Policy

In consideration for providing PMA Technologies, LLC (“PMA TECH”) with files and or other requested material or information (“CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION”), PMA TECH agrees, except as required otherwise by applicable law, court, governmental order, or to the extent reasonably necessary to prosecute or defend PMA TECH from litigation related to the License Agreement, to hold such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION in strict confidence and to use such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION only as it deems necessary to assist PMA TECH with repairing or otherwise improving NetRisk or its other software products (“SOFTWARE”). Provider of such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION represents that it owns or has authority to provide such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to PMA TECH for the purpose(s) provided herein, and such use by PMA TECH shall not constitute an infringement of any party’s ownership or proprietary rights. The terms found online under are the most up-to-date and in case of discrepancy supersede terms found printed. Last updated: 06/28/15.

Automated Support Tickets

In the event of a crash, NetRisk generates an automated report with the following information:

.nrsk fileThe document open at the time of the crash. All information will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purposes of repairing the error or otherwise improving NetRisk in accordance with our privacy policy above.
SupportLog.htmlAn HTML file that includes the license key and computer key.
Crashdump.dmpA Windows-generated file created by dumping the memory of the computer at the time of the crash.
Crashrpt.xmlAn XML file that includes system information, such as the operating system, version number, memory usage, and any steps entered by the user.
Screenshot0.jpgA screenshot taken at the time of the error, just before NetRisk closes. The screenshot ONLY includes the NetRisk window; any other windows, including the desktop, are blacked out.
  1. To preview or remove any of these files, click What will be included? on the screen that pops immediately following a crash

  2. Right-click on any file and choose Open, Delete Selected File(s), or Attach More File(s)...

If submitted, an email will be sent in the background to, thus opening a ticket with NetRisk support. 

The content of the report will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purposes of repairing the error or otherwise improving NetRisk. For more information, see the Privacy Policy above.

Crash Recovery

In the event of a crash or a forced shutdown, if a file contained any unsaved changes, the next time the file is opened, a recovered version will open instead, which will contain ALL unsaved changes except for the very last action which actually triggered the crash.

This recovered version should be used to overwrite your original version, unless you were performing hypothetical changes which you did not actually want to save.

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