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Main Menu

The Main Menu  icon contains the following operations:

Menu ItemDescription
About NetRiskDisplays version number.
Manage License KeyLaunches the license wizard for viewing how much time is remaining on a trial, activating a permanent license or deactivating a license.
New Risk Register ProjectCreates a new NetRisk project with NO associated schedule. See Creating Projects.
New Project From FileCreates a new NetRisk project and imports the selected schedule file. See Creating Projects.
Open ProjectOpens an existing NetRisk Project
Update Project From FileUpdates the current NetRisk project from the selected schedule file. See Updating Projects.
SaveSaves the current NetRisk project.
Save AsSaves the current NetRisk project with the option to enter a different filename.
CloseShuts down the NetRisk application.


Drivers are the main icons at the top of the application. 

Selecting a driver changes the content displayed in the panes below. There is one icon for each main area of functionality, as follows:


For modifying the risk register and assigning risks to activities.

For estimating duration ranges, cost uncertainty, or modeling the risk of float use.

For adding windows or events and assigning them to activities.

For managing and running simulations.

For viewing the output of a simulation (i.e. charts).


To undo only the most recent action, click the Undo icon in the upper-right corner of the application and choose the topmost row in the menu.

To undo multiple actions at once, move the mouse down. Additional rows will be highlighted in blue, and the total number of actions to be undone will be indicated at the bottom of the menu.

The Properties Pane

The Properties Pane updates in real-time to show the properties for whatever has been selected; for example, a row in the Table Pane or a chart in the Chart Pane.

The Table Pane

The Table Pane displays lists of rows and columns for modifying activities or adding and deleting and other records. 

The Chart Pane

The Chart Pane updates in real-time to show the simulation output for whatever row has been selected in the Table Pane of the Results driver.

Resizing Panes

The size of any pane can be adjusted by hovering the mouse over the dividing line until the cursor turns into a double-arrow; once it does, click and drag until the new size is achieved. Pane size is not saved and will be reset when changing drivers.

Reorganizing Panes

A pane can be moved by clicking and dragging its title with the mouse. The final destination will be indicated by a blue rectangle. The pane can also be dragged outside the application to its own window (un-docked).


Double-click the name of any pane to un-dock it. Once un-docked, double-click the name to re-dock it.

Maximizing/Restoring Pane Size

A pane can be maximized by clicking the Maximize  icon and restored by clicking the Restore  icon.

Hiding/Showing Panes

A pane can be hidden by clicking the Hide  icon. Once hidden, clicking its title will redisplay it. 

Table Views

The Table Pane is divided into different views, which can be controlled by clicking the View Buttons above any of the lists.


When a table has both an upper and a lower list, the lower list can be minimized in order to give the upper list more space. To do so, click the View Button above the lower list and choose Minimize.

Filtering Table Text

  • Tables can be filtered by typing in the search bar above the list.
  • Any alphanumeric characters can be entered, and the results will include anything that matches, starts with, or contains what has been entered, pulled from every column currently being shown.
  • For example, if searching for a duration, make sure the Duration column is being displayed.

Copy/Paste/Fill Down in Tables

To save time when entering data, copy/paste/fill down can be used in any table across the application.

  1. When viewing any table, right-click anywhere in the desired row and choose Copy Sampling Values.
  2. Right-click on the destination row in the desired column of the same table and choose among the following options.



a) Fill Down "COLUMN_NAME"

Pastes only the data from the selected column to every row between the copied row and the current row

This option only shows up when right-clicking on editable cells.

b) Fill Down All Values (%)Pastes the Distribution Type, Unit, and any distribution columns to every row between the copied row and the current row
c) Paste "COLUMN_NAME"

Pastes only the data from the selected column to the targeted row(s)

This option only shows up when right-clicking on editable cells.

d) Paste All Values (%)Pastes the Distribution Type, Unit, and any distribution columns to the targeted row(s)
e) Copy Sampling ValuesCopies the values for the newly selected row, discarding any previously copied values


To paste to a group of consecutive rows, hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard and select the desired rows.


To paste to more than one non-consecutive row, hold the CTRL key on the keyboard and select the desired row(s)

Customizing Table Columns

  • Columns can be added to or removed from any table list by clicking the Add/Remove Columns  icon or by right-clicking on any column header.
  • Columns can be reorganized by clicking and dragging the column header with the mouse.
  • Columns can be resized by clicking and dragging the right or left edge of the column header. The organization and visibility of columns is saved with the application.  


To force all the columns to always fit within the window, regardless of its size, click the Add/Remove Columns icon and check Auto-fit Columns to Window.

Exporting Tables to Excel

Table lists can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export  icon and choosing between all rows/columns or only those displayed currently.

Sorting Table Columns

Columns can be sorted by clicking the Sort  icon or by left-clicking on any column header.

Only columns which have been turned on will show up in the list for sorting.

Organizing Tables by WBS

Activity-based lists can be organized by WBS nodes. To do so, click the Sort  icon and check the option Organize by WBS.

The durations for WBS nodes are calculated based on the default calendar set for the project and as such may not correspond with the activities underneath them.

Sections can be expanded and collapsed by right-clicking on any WBS node and choosing Collapse All, Expand All, Collapse Children, or Expand Children.

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